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Stories from Maui Cultural Lands ‘Ohana

Every culture around the world has its own way of sharing information. Here in the islands, we share informally by “talking story”—slowing down and taking time to explore ideas, stories, opinions and history with the people around us. We hope our Talk Story will help to inspire and connect our community!

  • Ed Lindsey Honoured

    The Maui Weekly honors the late “Uncle” Ed Lindsey for his many years of dedicated service to Maui. “His wisdom exceeds his time.” Sean Lester, contributions by J.M. Buck “There is more than a verbal tie between the words common, community, and communication… Try the experiment of communicating, with fullness […]

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  • Koa

    Acacia Koa

    Acacia koa is a large tree becoming 50 feet tall in cultivation, but very old trees can become much taller. At maturity, the trees are 10 to 25 feet in diameter. The “leaves” are not true leaves; they are modified leaf stems, or phyllodes, which function as leaves. These crescent-shaped […]

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  • Ulu-Breadfruit

    Artocarpus altilis

    Artocarpus altilis, ‘Ulu in Hawaiian, Its beauty stands out in any garden. Easily 40-60 feet tall, with branches that span a similar-size diagonally. The sensual, dark-green lobed leaves of the breadfruit tree form a tapestry from which lime-green globes grow. The fruit can weigh up to 10 pounds each. The […]

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  • Kukui

    Aleurites Moluccana

    The Kukui or Candlenut tree is the state tree of Hawaii. In Hawaii, the tree has a spiritual significance of hope and renewal. As the most common of Hawaii’s forest trees, the kukui tree can grow up to 80 feet tall. Because of its fragrant white flowers, and of course […]

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  • Ti plant

    Cordyline Fruticosa

    Cordyline fruticosa, Ti plant, also known as the good luck plant, is an evergreen, flowering plant in the family Liliaceae, formerly treated in the families Agavaceae and Laxmanniaceae. It is a woody plant that grows up to 4 m tall, with leaves 30-60 cm (rarely 75 cm) long and 5-10 […]

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  • Kou

    Cordia Subcordata

    Crodia subcordata, known as Kou in Hawaiian, has distinctive orange flowers and large tan fruit. This tree originated in Africa and Madagascar. They are wide spread through the tropics. There is a close relative from tropical Americas on also the islands. It has darker orange flowers, fuzzy leaves, and white […]

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  • Remarkable Aloha

    By Rob Parsons You’ve got to look at the whole enchilada,” Uncle Ed Lindsey would say, pausing to let the assembled group absorb his message. In the years we served on the Maui Tomorrow Foundation board together, I grew to appreciate his commonsense approach. He offered his opinion with clarity […]

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  • ‘Maui Treasure’ Ed Lindsey Dies

    Edwin “Ed” Robert Naleilehua Lindsey, Jr. passed away quietly at his family home in Lahaina at 5:30 a.m. last Tuesday after a five-year battle with cancer. He was 70 years old. During his final days, hundreds of family, friends and well-wishers stopped by to pay their respects to Lindsey, who […]

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  • ‘Strong warrior’

        By CLAUDINE SAN NICOLAS, Staff Writer | The Maui News, Thursday, June 25, 2009 Edwin “Ed” Lindsey Jr., “a steadfast champion and leader in protecting Maui’s aina and its important cultural landscapes,” died Wednesday morning at his family residence in Lahaina. He was 70. The Maui County Council honored […]

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